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Dan Parsons


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You're challenge is maintaining your drive and enthusiasm, especially when your life's circumstances flex their big muscles and get in your way. Now you rationalize why you can't accomplish your goals. It's not your fault, right?

Oh well, you hope maybe 2020 will be better? Hope is not a strategy!! 

You're looking for a way (any way!) to make this year different for you. You want a way (need a way) to keep you focused, help you hustle and finally achieve your goals. And that's exactly what you can expect partnering with me as your personal success coach. 

As your coaching partner I can support your efforts by keeping you focused in a positive, productive way. This means you can finally overcome your feeling of being overwhelmed and begin to realize your big goals you've been missing. And ultimately what it really means for you is that you can start checking off those goals instead of putting them off until next year, (like you did last year).