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Sarah Brooks

Washington, 20016

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Washington, 20016

About Sarah Brooks

You’ve worked hard with the promise that rising in your career would bring more joy and satisfaction in your life. Except once you get near the top, you realize that isn’t the case at all. All you see is more stress and frustration, but you have no idea what else to do - this has been your career your whole life (or maybe you’ve changed many times and are scared to change careers one more time).

Does this sound like you?

*Constantly disappointed with your career
*Choosing between making a difference in the world and making money
*Sacrificing your personal life
*Frustrated with coworkers or managers
*Feeling stuck and with no freedom to move your life forward without losing everything
*Scared that you will never be successful again
*Disconnected from your creative and innovative side

I work with people just like you to:

*Figure out if moving on is the right decision for you
*Discover your true purpose and key values
*Find the career (or business) that is the best fit for you
*Create a step by step process to get out of your frustrating job and into a dream career
*Find the right balance of service and personal well being
*Increase awareness of who you are and why you make the choices you do
*Live your life with ease, happiness, and the impact you want to make

A little bit more about me and my background - I've been coaching for 8 years, I'm a graduate and former trainer with Accomplishment Coaching, a graduate of Brown University, a two-time NCAA champion in rowing, a Watson Associate, and a StartingBloc Fellow. I'm an avid traveler, lover of the outdoors, photography, and drawing. On any given weekend you’ll find me cooking a big brunch, reading in the sun, skiing, or dancing to some live music.

Feel free to reach out for a free consultation to see if we are a fit.