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Amanda Maney

Cheshire West, England

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Cheshire West, England
United Kingdom

About Amanda Maney

I help people find joy beyond loss - in all its forms. All change involves loss, and grief walks with us through it all.

Whether your loss is of a loved one or of direction or drive; whether the loss is of a job or of a pivotal relationship, you feel grief - you feel separated from some aspect of yourself. 

Whatever the grief, life feels exhausting. Work becomes a drain rather than a joy. Trying to 'push through' grief, you have so little to give. It's unsustainable. We've all experienced loss of energy in some form. We've all lost connection with our flow to some degree or another at some point in life.

Unless we are in 'flow' we rob ourselves of the satisfaction to be had in doing a good job and offering a great service to others. When we don't give grief its due diligence, we can't connect fully with the energy at our core. The joy that moves us forward with enthusiasm and passion. The smile that sets our day up to go well, come what may.

I coach people through loss and into the joy beyond. 

This is alignment coaching. Coaching from the inside out. Coaching to line you up with your flow states. And your smile. Move beyond loss and into a life you love more...

I have been a certified life coach since 2005. I am an Enneagram (personality profiling) author and trainer, with accreditations in: EFT, Matrix Re-Imprinting, and Clean Language Systemic modelling. I have used these skills with individuals and working teams at every level of responsibility, within and between private and public sector organisations.