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Sanjukta Mitra

Life and Career Coach at Sanjukta Mitra Life Coaching Services Ltd
London, England, SE18 4EF

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Career growth and advancement - fulfil your career ambitions and meet your financial goals.

Work-life balance - Achieve your professional goals while maintaining a happy family life with quality time for yourself and your loved ones.

Return to work after a break - Plan a smooth transition back to the workforce after a maternity break or sabbatical of any type.
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ICF accredited Life Coaching Certification
Unfold the possibilities: Build a happier life and career with no regrets.

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Sanjukta Mitra Life Coaching Services Ltd
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    London, England, SE18 4EF
    United Kingdom

    About Sanjukta Mitra

    I am a certified Life and Career coach on a mission to support women in achieving professional fulfilment, work-life balance, and return to work after a break so they can be financially independant. I have prior experience in recruitment as well as Media & marketing. Over this time, I have developed a deep understanding of what it takes to progress and advance in the corporate world. I have led teams where I have coached and mentored colleagues and candidates to help them realise their strengths and overcome challenges to progress in their careers or find jobs that aligned with their values, strengths & career goals. 

    I have personally experienced the journey of returning to work after maternity leave and pivoted my career to re-enter the workforce successfully. Now, I use my experiences to coach and empower women to do the same.


    Typically, my clients are working women and mothers who are experiencing any or all of the following:

    • Career stagnation; Feel stuck – not growing or not enjoying their jobs. 
    • Low motivation at work, 
    • Low confidence / Imposter syndrome, 
    • Stressed & overworked
    • Burnt out 
    • Overwhelmed
    • Finding it difficult to balance time and energy between work and personal life
    • Mom guilt
    • Lack of time and control 
    • Unfinished goals in both personal and professional lives.
    • Loss of purpose 
    • Looking for a career change or career advancement
    • Wants to return to work after a break or sabbatical.

    Many of these women have been on the verge of quitting their jobs or looking for a new job or career path. But they stay on in their current role for financial stability or fear of change. 

    Does any of this sound familiar?


    This is where I come in. I can help you find balance and progress in your career by helping you break free from constant overwhelm, stress, overwork and mom guilt. I will enable you to get clarity on what you really want and what is holding you back. We will work together to increase your self awareness, boost your confidence and transform your mindset so that you are able to manage the challenges in your path to career advancement. You will also learn time management and prioritising strategies to balance your work and personal life. You will then feel ready to advance in your career or make a change in your career path if you wanted to or return to work successfully. I will enable you to set goals and a vision for yourself and action plans to achieve these goals. I offer 4 coaching programs:

    • Career growth navigator for women leaders
    • Balance and progress coaching for women and mothers
    • Career comeback: Return to work coaching for women.
    • Clarity coaching

    Why work with me?

    • I understand the pressures, deadlines and stresses that come with working in the dynamic marketing industry which only grows as you go up the career ladder while also growing your family.
    • During my recruitment stint, I have had the privilege of collaborating with women from diverse backgrounds and across various markets, ranging from mid to senior management levels. This gave me the opportunity to notice and learn from their experiences. It also helped me hone my communication skills and develop a genuine ability to listen without judgment or bias.
    • I have always had an interest in human behaviour & psychology and coaching is something that I have naturally done in my previous jobs. During the pandemic, I invested time in furthering my knowledge and getting myself certified as a life coach. And this is an area I plan to continue to invest in to develop my knowledge. Currently, I am working on getting my NLP certification which will help me assist my clients better.
    • I had to reinvent my own career not once but twice when I re-entered the workforce after my maternity break and then post-pandemic. I understand the challenges of motherhood after returning to work, trying to balance time with kids and work. During this time, I had to work on my own mindset and so I understand what it takes to succeed in both.
    • I firmly believe in each individual’s inherent potential and am driven to help all women uncover her unique path to success for herself.

    My ultimate goal is to support women in living fulfilled and balanced lives where they can have peace of mind, be content, feel confident, gain back hours every week, create everyday memories and be in control. I believe that women can achieve career success while balancing their personal lives where they do not have to choose between their career ambitions or time with their loved ones. 


    If you would like to discuss working with me and unfold the possibilities available to you then contact me.

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