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Janis Meredith

Alva, Florida, 33920

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Alva, Florida, 33920
United States

About Janis Meredith

Through 31 years of parenting, my husband and I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot. We've raised 3 children who are champions in life. My goal is to help parents come up with their own plan to raise champions, a plan that fits the dynamic of their family. If you have a specific parenting problem or just want to have a blueprint for raising champions, I can help with two options.

One option is a specific 5-week program which focuses on five key strategies for raising champions (kids who are trustworthy, strong, compassionate, and full of integrity).

The second option is coaching parents who have a specific parenting challenge they need to work through--the length of coaching would depend on the individual needs of the parent and family.

I have loved being a parent, and I love helping parents!