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Aaron Keith Hawkins

Cape Coral, Florida, 33993

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Cape Coral, Florida, 33993
United States

About Aaron Keith Hawkins

Captain Aaron Keith Hawkins (Ret.) helps you simplify the what, why, and how of professional and personal leadership. He is passionate about working with new and emerging leaders who prioritize humanity, clarity, and outstanding performance.

Aaron condenses his 30 years of real-world leadership experience into his practice and has proven his dedication to excellence from the front lines of supervision to the executive suite. His formal education includes a Master's Degree in Administrative Leadership with an emphasis in professional coaching. He is a retired Captain who has served as a decorated Division Commander, Tactical Team Leader, and FBI National Academy graduate who has spent decades collaborating with national and global leaders.

Since retirement from law enforcement he has served in multiple leadership roles to include Fortune 500 companies. Aaron is currently a full-time keynote speaker and coach who condenses the most important leadership and life lessons he's learned into easily understandable principles, frameworks, and thought processes.

Aaron considers himself a lifetime student, and curates the latest research on leadership and personal performance. He combines his award-winning leadership with a cutting edge knowledge of personal development.

Following a brush with mortality in 2009, he was shaken to his core. Fortunately, on what could've been the worst day of his life, he was given one of the best gifts of all: Broader Perspective.

No matter how well you are performing, Aaron's goal is inspire you to realize you're capable of being the person who constantly evolves into greater levels of leadership and personal performance than you ever imagined, and he shares the perspective and tools to support you on your journey.