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Sandra A. Landers

Hollywood, Florida

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Hollywood, Florida
United States

About Sandra A. Landers

I formed Calm Matters, my private practice and company, to help and support people of all ethnicities, cultures and orientation facing a variety of life challenges. These included chronic illness, job stress, marital conflict, depression, drug and alcohol addiction as well as abuse and trauma. 

Calm Matters not only offers individual and couple counseling and life coaching. It also offers an Employee Assistance Program service to organizations and companies, in particular, start- up companies. The goal of our EAP service is to benefit the individual employee or customer client and his/her family, helping them to achieve their optimum work/life balance through therapy. The secondary benefit is a positive impact on the organization and its bottom line as a whole. 

I've been helping people like you and me, individuals, couples and companies, figure out how to solve problems, get tools to do/feel better, have happier lives and a work-life balance. 

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