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Fernando Ortiz-Chardon

Miami, Florida, 33131

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Miami, Florida, 33131
United States

About Fernando Ortiz-Chardon

Over 20 years of experience in Executive Recruiting and Coaching. I have the best and most uplifting job possible helping other people excel in their professional and personal life’s; which at the end of the day is only one overlapping the other! You are one individual; the one that goes to work each morning and the one that has a home and a family, shouldn’t you be happy in both places? Work should not be a punishment, should be fulfilling and life is to be enjoy 24/7
In my coaching sessions, I become your partner brainstorming about certain issues that could be holding you back in your personal and professional life; identifying problems and establishing the right strategy to overcome and to improve your: personal and professional life at your work place, as a leader, as an executive changing careers or simply helping you in getting the job you deserve.
Subjects that I approach:
Who are you as a professional?
1 - An individual with a College Degree or Title.
2 – You have a function or career, which means: Experience or area of expertise after college that is not necessary linked to your actual degree, for example an Engineer that became an expert in Sales and Marketing.
3 - Which industry are you attached to (Consumer Goods, Logistics, Oil & Gas, etc)
4 - Lastly what is your Hierarchy (Manager, Director, VP, etc).
Once we have establish these four professional parameters; we can start dissecting them and strategist which one is transferable in your search for a new career or job; this is the exciting challenge.
Common hold backs that we all have and affect dramatically or personal and professional life and that leads us to Anxiety, frustration and depression.
Let’s work on them! There is no reason why you should get stuck in life.