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Matthew Hoelscher

Miami, Florida, FL

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Miami, Florida, FL
United States

About Matthew Hoelscher

My coaching is for couples with young children who marriages are suffering from stress due to lack of communication, intimacy and trust. I also specialize in intimacy after an affair.

If you want:

* Communication, not arguing
* Intimacy and passion, not cheating, lying, and withholding
* Rebuilding trust by defining the future, no longer worrying about all the little day-to-day details of life

One of the leading voices in helping couples define marriage - beyond boredom, beyond love, towards meaningful purpose - Matthew Hoelscher is a marriage, intimacy and relationship coach who helps couples find self-mastery by making marriage a living practice instead of just a legal agreement.

Matthew experienced something similar to what your are feeling right now. He was married for 7 years; had a year-old twin boys, and he argued all the time with his wife. There was no passion, no intimacy, and they no longer understood each other.

They went to the best therapists in Miami. They both clearly stated at the beginning of our session, that divorce was not an option.

They a solution!

They rehashed all our problems, told all their stories, explained their childhoods and left in no better shape than when they started.

Then they discovered that if they focused on maintaining a good emotional connection, they no longer created arguments to get each other's attention.

Matthew brings together progressive ideas, personal experience, loving unconditional acceptance, and accredited coaching to help couples create marriages of trust, love and growth for both parents to be passed on to their children.