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Brian Holbach

St. Petersburg, 33713

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Contact Information

St. Petersburg, 33713

About Brian Holbach

I’m here to help you develop a clear sense of awareness for your life. My mission is to guide people to a level of extreme clarity on who they are and what they want. From there, we can create a practical and achievable plan to move forward.

I offer life coaching that supports people that are struggling with work/life balance, having quality relationships, and feeling overwhelmed to get true ownership of their ideal life.

When I Realized The Power Of Coaching

I was having an issue in my relationship with my partner and brought it up in a coaching session. The coach was very in tune with what I was going through and the session resonated very deeply with what was going on inside me. With my coach’s guidance, I realized that I had never really felt and processed emotional pain. Instead, I felt that I needed to “keep it together” and “stay strong” for those around me. He continued to compassionately guide me to welcome and acknowledge this place of pain within me. I cried like I had never cried before; I felt the emotional pain of a lifetime. I cried and felt that pain until I fell asleep. I awoke with tears in my eyes. This continued until I had witnessed all the painful events of my life.

This may sound agonizing, but it was undoubtedly worth it. The result was being able to feel a full and healthy range of emotions. I was now truly emotionally available as a partner, as a father, and as an empowered person in the world. I was experiencing genuine connection with the people I loved. The work was hard, and at times, I did not want to go to these painful places. But I am grateful to have had such an amazing coach to be with me during that process and it was a life changing experience I will never forget.

While each coaching session is customized exactly to what you need, here are some common results you can expect:
• Become a powerful communicator
• Improved relationships with others
• Gain clarity on your life purpose(s)
• Increased performance in your career