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Myrna Wolf

St. Petersburg, 33713

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St. Petersburg, 33713

About Myrna Wolf

For the past 32 years I owned a non medical eldercare service , working with the adult children of aging parents. During sometimes stressful times, relationship issues frequently confronted the entire family. As the owner, I became the mentor and sounding board for families in transition. One particular example involved siblings who had strained relationships with each other, attempting to navigate the complicated world of medical, social and emotional needs of their parents. Relationships are complicated. It takes an intuitive, non judgmental third party to assist in that navigational journey.

Born and raised in Montreal Canada, I was lucky to have a grandmother who helped shape my life. She showed me the beauty of aging. As a senior myself, I am keenly aware of the issues which come with aging.
The importance of listening with an open heart and mind is an integral part of how I function as both a coach and human being. As a former teacher, college instructor, workshop facilitator and bank executive my experiences with people have blessed me with the ability to see the big picture, to be supportive and non judgmental.
Not your typical retiree, I am not good at cards, games and golf. My strengths lie in my ability to change the lives of friends and family.
As a senior,, wisdom, patience, warmth and honesty are my calling calling cards. I want to make a difference in your life and assist you in getting what you want and deserve from your important relationships.
Due to the emergence of our Zoom society, most sessions will be virtual. So whether you live in Alaska, Hawaii or even Paris, we can connect and transport you to the peaceful mindset you yearn for and so richly deserve.