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Matt Morris

Tallahassee, 32303

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Tallahassee, 32303

About Matt Morris

Hi, I’m Matt Morris, M.A, CPCC

My mission is to give you strategies to take care of your mental health so that every day you can feel awesome; and we all know that to have a good life your mental health needs be your #1 priority.

I specialize in depression/anxiety, relationship issues (trust, conflict resolution, communication issues, divorce), anger management, positive habits, confidence, and stress management.

I may be able to relate to you. I believe the best coaches and therapists are people who understand what it’s like to go through a similar experience as you. I lost both my parents before age 30 (mom died in a plane crash, & dad died of prescription drug overdose); I’ve been divorced but now I’m happily married for 7 years; I was in a traumatic accident at age 10 (a plane crash) and have permanent back problems but learned how to be pain free; I lived in an emotionally abusive household and learned healthy ways to cope; I’ve been cheated on but learned how to let go of the feeling of “not being good enough”; I’ve struggled through depression and anxiety but I know how to easily manage them.

Today I have many positive habits and I’m confident in myself. I’ve developed excellent stress management skills, and most of all I want to show you how to feel good.

When you work with me, I’ll integrate therapeutic strategies, spirituality, and life coaching tools to provide you with the best practical advice to move forward with your life and relationships.

I absolutely love connecting with people, truly listening, and helping my clients feel much better about their lives.

I am on this earth to help you improve your mental health. There is nothing I am more passionate about than guiding people through their limiting beliefs, fears, and/or challenging circumstances in order to get to the other side.

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