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Angela Shank

Tampa, 33626

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Tampa, 33626

About Angela Shank

I have earned my Professional Certified Coach accreditation with the Academy of Creative Coaching. My approach to coaching is to most importantly creating a safe and trusting bond where you can feel free to share and speak openly and honestly. I will listen with curiosity and genuine interest to discover where you are now, where you want to be and identify the gap in between. I will co create action steps with you to close that gap and establish agreed upon short and long term goals. I will provide you with accountability, motivation and support every step of the way along your journey. I specialize in working with men through behavior modification and will help identify action steps to take in order change your mindset. I focus on forward thinking and the future. I will help you break through limiting beliefs and will listen to hear your need to move forward. I will offer suggestions with permission but never solutions. I will guide and encourage you to come up with your own using powerful questioning to uncover new awareness. I will help you to build and maintain healthy relationships by creating awareness of the importance of quality in relationships. I use tools such as books, and journaling to help you recognize the inner thoughts you have yet to express. I will allow you space to continue a thought and to process the questions I pose. I provide email and text support between sessions. I will be a partner in your goals and will guide but never solve. Your power is what you will use to get you to your goal, only I will be right along side you. Having a coach is similar to having a personal trainer. I've discovered that you have to take care of YOU before you can be any good to anyone else. It is difficult to put ourselves first but it's necessary to live a purposeful, joyful life and I have found that this concept is most challenging for men that is why I specialize in this type of coaching and with men. Coaching is the greatest way to start taking care of you!