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Alexis Story

Atlanta, Georgia, 30341

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Atlanta, Georgia, 30341
United States

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I am an empowerment coach. More on that in a minute. Let's start on common ground: One thing I think we can agree on to start, is that change begins in the mind. Once we become aware of what we are thinking, we are able to direct our thoughts to what we want, actions and behavior are the result of our thinking. Sounds easy enough? Even if that sounds daunting, that's where I come in. My coaching style uses your thoughts, feelings, and actions to show you how they work together to produce your experience. The limitations you are experiencing are not the territory but in your map.

Having a background in Psychology and behavioral health, we meet in a nonjudgemental place where your concerns are heard, your feelings validated and this is your space. I work with many different strategies- well formed outcomes, behavioral strategies, logical thought levels, anchoring, visualization and more based upon both my training and experience.

I have transformed many times in my life. My superpower is to help you transform whether it's a set of goals you need to achieve, or something deeper and more in the personal transformation area- we can achieve this together. My goal is to empower you so that you can access the amazing, transformative you that you know can you lead you to your higher self. Through an achievable action plan, you will see the path to what you want materialize. The way you look at your life and yourself will expand as your mind and your life moves with an unstoppable momentum.

I have over 125 hours of training through an accredited Life Coaching Schools. I have a BA in psychology from Emory University. I am also an ordained Sacred Healer from the Karin Kabalah, St. Thomas Christian Church. I have over 15 years of health and nutrition expertise. BUT my best achievment is how I help others. The same actions produce the same results. Are you ready to travel down a different road? Let me help you.