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Brandy Lucas

Atlanta, Georgia, 30339

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Atlanta, Georgia, 30339
United States

About Brandy Lucas

I'm an authentic human and a born encourager. I help courageous women discover exciting new dreams and feel confident and joyful so that they can continue transforming their lives after significant weight loss without dissatisfaction and uncertainty.

Beautiful, I see you. You’ve probably tried self-help books, heartfelt discussions with friends, and simply “faking it ‘til you make it” tactics. And it didn’t work because you were never clear on what you wanted and needed. You’ve been wondering, “Is this as good as it gets?” and “Shouldn’t I be happier now?” You were afraid to dream really big dreams for yourself. (I’m giving you permission right now.)

I studied at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy in Australia. My approach, like my training, is heart-centered and inclusive. I'm here to support you with unconditional positive regard, with honesty and accountability.