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Charles Freeland

Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta, Georgia
United States

About Charles Freeland

Do you feel like happiness is out of reach? Haven’t you done all the things you were supposed to do to be happy? So why aren’t you? Life IS more than work or just surviving. Are you ready to THRIVE, to find meaning in life - YOUR meaning? 

I specialize in helping people who seek more fulfilling lives step off the path and forge their own unique life of meaning and purpose, one that inspires them every day. No more living for weekends and vacations; no more dreading Mondays - every day can be an adventure.

Most of the people I meet are working unsatisfying jobs. Many are stuck in unfulfilling relationships with partners who “look good on paper." Most are putting off their true dreams in exchange for chasing benchmark accomplishments to impress other people.

Living like that drains your energy, negatively affects your mental and physical health, and sucks all the zest out of life. But this is why I do what I do! I have been there. I’ve had the sleepless nights, the regrets, the grief of seeing others lead the life I know I was meant to. 

Are you resigned to a life of dull repetition with nothing to look forward to?

Your life does not need to be like that. I learned how to live my life in alignment with my purpose and created a life worth living - a life worth celebrating, and you can too!

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