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Sashe Omogiate

Atlanta, Georgia, 30355

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Atlanta, Georgia, 30355
United States

About Sashe Omogiate

As a former exotic dancer turned author, philanthropist and counselor I know firsthand how someone’s voice can be silenced by their dark secrets, forcing them to live a life that wasn’t intended. It wasn’t until I stopped denying my bouts with “the silent killer,” (depression) as well as denying being a victim of a sexual assault. I was then able to use those circumstances as a gateway to find my voice.

I received my diploma in Intro to Psychology at Ashworth College and currently studying for my BA. My vision is to see everyone live an abundant life.My inspiration is to help individuals discover the greatness they have inside. I conduct a series of programs and seminars for the youth and adults that create an environment of self-acceptance, self-healing, knowledge and love. My clients work with others to discover the difference between the brain and the mind. They also complete an activity to become more aware of their negative, toxic, or limiting thoughts and mindfully replace them with loving affirmations. They leave with an action plan and a mindful awareness about your next steps.I tend to focus on mindfulness and my clients have the option of group or individual coaching.

I penned my first book, “Truth Is”. “Truth is”, is a daily hand-guide for women who are desperately searching for their meaning in life. In the book, I empower readers through lessons on self-reflection, failed relationships and business ventures, helping you become the powerful, purpose-driven woman you were called to be. Im also the chief executive director of Imani Within Foundation Inc . a non-profit organization that utilized non-traditional intervention to combat many societal issues plaguing our community. Imani Within focuses on helping and bringing awareness to mental illness, depression, suicide and bullying by community outreach programs designed to practice preventative habits and gain life coping skills.