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Tara Van Dam

Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta, Georgia
United States

About Tara Van Dam

“Tara is incredible, she is patient and attentive. Tara has a special unique ability in conjuring up words and delivering examples that you can easily relate to. She has allowed me to tap into my wellbeing and as a result has activated a new sense of awareness in my life. I am forever grateful with my now activated clarity on who I am and what my life purpose is here on Earth. I highly recommend the phenomenal Tara Van Dam for all your coaching needs whether it’s figuring out who you are, what your life purpose is or if you’re thinking about going plant based.” Lee, former client

Health, wellness, and happiness have not come easy to me over my life. I have struggled with depression, fatigue, significant stress, body image issues, and general feelings of not thriving for so many years, I had forgotten that any other way of living was possible.

Back in 2015, my life shifted enormously and my journey toward wellness began.

At one of the hardest times in my life, I found steadiness in my yoga practice. I knew, from those humble and intuitive movements on my mat, in my backyard, that I’d found something I’d never lose. I became a teacher and have been adding to my skill set ever since.

From the movement of yoga, the stillness of meditation, the vibrancy of breathwork, and the self-reflective nature of coaching, I found a combination of practices that through their collective presence provide light in a previously clouded life experience.

I like to think that the practices I teach are exactly what your doctor and therapist are urging you to do. I am the teacher that facilitates your ability to harness the effects of traditional medicine.