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Todd Gorishek

Atlanta, Georgia, 30303

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Atlanta, Georgia, 30303
United States

About Todd Gorishek

I am a Men's Clarity and Confidence Coach specializing in Next Step Career coaching. I help men set and achieve their goals through defined steps and concrete action.

Your career goals are achieved by identifying your strengths, key players, and resources to help you secure the position you want. We prep and prepare so you show up confidently in the interview to secure the career that will make you most satisfied.

I believe you have everything inside of you necessary to make your life happen in the way you want it. I help you find, see, and own that.

Together, we transform the shit talk in your head...I'm lost and feel out of place, I'm going to be found out, I'm afraid I will fail...getting in the way of what you really want...into beliefs that support you and the man you want to be.

At the end of the day, I help men create incredible and fulfilling lives where they confidently manifest their strengths, abilities, and talents in their careers and relationships. You will have a strong sense of self worth, self acceptance and hopefully enjoy a sense of playfulness as you create the life you really want.

Personally, I have journeyed through three career transitions, have owned my own businesses, and have gone back to school mid-life for more education.

I have been in a 38 year relationship, that includes divorce and separation along the way. I know the hard work and importance of communication to make a relationship that works.

I left my last career as a clinical hospital pharmacist, sold everything I owned, and moved to South America five years ago. I have been living here learning a new language and customs while building my fulltime online coaching practice.

I am living each day at my edge. Growing. Learning. Discovering.

I combine all of this...my experience, education, and intuition to give you a coaching experience that creates tangible and successful result.

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