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Meet Coach Nearby Maureen Sweatman in Decatur GA

Maureen Sweatman

Decatur, Georgia

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Decatur, Georgia
United States

About Maureen Sweatman

I am a developer of people with a passion for coaching others to recognize and own their strengths in a way that brings joy to their lives and purpose to their career. I believe in the power of our choice to change and have empowered thousands of clients to remove the barriers that keep them stuck. 

I provide high impact 1:1 leadership and personal development coaching and consulting needed for career success including work/life integration, time management, coaching as a leader, strengths assessment, 360 style feedback assessment, visioning, goal setting, etc. 

I maximize my strengths in growth-minded, people-centered environments that also value integrity, excellence, courageous servant leadership, and making a tangible difference in addressing the issues that affect our communities through mutually beneficial partnerships. I am achievement driven to get things done and with a high standard of excellence!

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