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Leah B. Mazzola

San Antonio

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San Antonio

About Leah B. Mazzola

Experienced leader, coaching professional, and psychology expert passionate about integrating evidence-based coaching into mainstream support services as a social change initiative. As a leader in the coach training industry, I’m committed to increasing access to rigorous, ethical, high-quality training, mentoring, and supervision for underserved communities. As a professional coach, I offer behavioral science-based coaching to support clients as they identify, tap into, and build their inner resources and resilience to enhance well-being, performance, and quality of life.

My overarching mission across industries has been to promote self-determination, values-based goal pursuit, evidence-based decision-making, and psychologically safe work environments that foster well-being at work. I approach all of my work as a social responsibility initiative to ensure those I support walk away with more knowledge of the biopsychosocial contributors to our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that affords them the opportunity to recognize when and how to choose and act to positively influence outcomes for self, others, and the communities around them.

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