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Richard Brooke

Lanai City, Hawaii

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Lanai City, Hawaii
United States

About Richard Brooke

I coach people on performance through altering their state of being

Today I am best described as an Ontological Coach. What that means is I coach people to a new “state of being” in order for them to feel empowered to take the actions aligned with their goals. 

 The simplest way to understand it is to think about our moods. When we are in a good, empowered, courageous, on-fire mood relative to the work that needs to be done, we get it done. 

 I define success as simply making progress on whatever goals we have. Achieving the end game, although often important, can be an elusive trap when the end game is the definition. I coach people to discover the actions that create that progress, then coach them to fall in love with the process. This creates what I call compounded consistency.