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Bayonle Arashi

Houston, Texas, TX

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Houston, Texas, TX
United States

About Bayonle Arashi

What is my WHY? To inspire teens and young adults on finding a purpose early in life through the companies I build ScoutBallers LLC and Midas Football Academy as well as my two self-help books one already in the market which is the one and only available football (soccer) career guidebook out there. I also use my experience working in the Texas Criminal Justice System which further clarifies my own purpose in life to write a book and use it as a form of motivation and direction to young people in America and the rest of the world. I hope I can use the gift that I have to inspire, encourage and shape the next generation of leaders in sports, politics, entertainment as well as other important spheres of life and reduce the rate of crime and massive depression among our youths and help them fulfill their life purpose.