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Kama Hurley

Boise, Idaho, 83706

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Boise, Idaho, 83706
United States

About Kama Hurley

Being an entrepreneur or executive will take its toll on your personal life eventually. Maybe your relationships are suffering or your health is starting to decline. For most it starts as stress and begins to show signs as anxiety or lack of joy in things you used to love.
For many it’s feeling like you have everything but the love you’ve always wanted. You’ve checked every box but are still missing someone to do life with.
After counseling clients for 10+ years, I realized that it doesn’t have to get to clinical levels of depression or anxiety before we get help. You can take the drivers seat now, hit the breaks and really get clear on what’s important to you, what you really want, and stop going down this path.
Coaching can help you see the limiting beliefs and patterns that you haven’t been able to on your own so you can break these cycles of dating the wrong person, working so hard there isn’t room for anything else and learn the skills you need to to help keep propelling you forward instead of running yourself into the ground.
Contact me today for a free consultation so we can figure out where you are, where you want to be and how to get there. My website will take you directly to my calendar to book your call so we can get started