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Meet Coach Nearby Amy Keefner in Chicago IL

Amy Keefner

Chicago, Illinois

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Contact Information

Chicago, Illinois
United States

About Amy Keefner

As a trusted advisor, client relationship builder and influencer, I make an impact through integrity and authenticity. I build trust through my innate gift of empathy, encouragement, and empowering change. I am a champion of people and their unique individualization. I am extremely passionate about the well-being of others and helping people. 

I want to help YOU uncover what YOU are meant to be doing to ensure YOU live the life YOU were created to live.

There is nothing more exciting for me than hearing that I have impacted and empowered someone’s life by bringing something out in them, changing their thought patterns or perspective and they have taken actionable steps to change. 

So, let’s begin this journey of INSPIRING YOU together…