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Meet Coach Nearby Angie Holguin in Chicago IL

Angie Holguin

Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago, Illinois
United States

About Angie Holguin

Let's be honest, everyone wants to be heard, valued and loved.

As we partner together, you will experience just that.  

My purpose in coaching you is to provide a safe, judge free space were you can be your real self. As you APPLY the knowledge you acquire, you will gain the strength you need to make choices that will benefit you.

We will focus on your strengths rather then your short comings. I do not not believe that knowledge is power. I believe when we APPLY knowledge that's when we have power. You will learn to connect with yourself, and others in a healthy way! As we partner with open honest communication and you apply the tools given, you will live your best life! 

Are you ready?