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Jamie Martin

Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago, Illinois
United States

About Jamie Martin

I've spent 17 years in technology with most of it in a state of denial, overwhelm and exhaustion. I knew it wasn't what I wanted in life, but was in denial of what I wanted to do. I loved the idea of building things for people. The engineer in me wanted to make people's lives better by building great products. However, something was always missing for me. Even when I was at companies like DoubleClick, Google and Vitality. 

I realized that it was time to start my journey to become a life and leadership coach and changing my life in the process. People now comment on how much more relaxed I am and happy I look. I’ve found things that I had lost over the years. A renewed connection to the universe and spirit. A renewed appreciation and love of my body. And so much more!

Do you remember when you felt that way? 

- Renewed? 

- Energized? 

- Connected? 

What if you could get it back? 

- Reclaim your power and leadership skills? 

- Explore your dreams? 

- Find a freedom in life? 

You can!

Message me l to learn more how a partnership together can reignite your life: