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Jason Feldman

Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago, Illinois
United States

About Jason Feldman

Leadership coach, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach (PCC), serial entrepreneur, supporter of small business owner growth, creative thinker, and revenue grower of US$ millions with a background in brand identity design and marketing, SaaS innovations, real estate, and leadership coaching. I bring 20+ years of experience in relationship building, client account management, and sales and negotiation. Built a high reputation for trustworthiness, communication skills, and emotional intelligence.

• Strong passion for helping small business owners succeed in their early years through relationship building and overcoming obstacles to their success while building a six-figure networking group.

• Leadership coach training from the Co-Active Training Institute, enabling understanding, empathy, and the ability to address multiple aspects of the entrepreneurial struggle.

• Decades of creativity in brand identity development as a creative director and owner of an agency

• Expansion of client’s professional and personal potential outside of what they think is possible

• Known for core values of inclusivity, trustworthiness, positivity, and for being a thoughtful leader and powerful supporter.