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Joyce Barr

Chicago, Illinois, 60644

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Chicago, Illinois, 60644
United States

About Joyce Barr

Hello! I specialize in offering individualized custom service to set you on a life-changing course through retirement coaching and look-see tours. I particularly support baby boomers who are looking toward retirement and need clarity, direction, and agency to get them going. My ideal client are single females who are on their own.

I operate an on-line coaching program with both standard and custom coaching packages. I will work with you to create a retirement plan uniquely suitable to your lifestyle needs, especially as it relates to housing affordability. A detailed customized plan will enable attainable goal setting stratagems. Pertinent resources will be provided to assist with implementation. As a result of my coaching, you will receive results-driven, value-added guidance.

I help clients respond to such questions as: How will I survive retirement and live on my own with a fixed or limited income? How will I manage my healthcare needs to stay strong, both physically and mentally? And as a solo retiree, with limited or no support - How I will spend my final years? Will I be able to meet/make good friends who themselves are on a similar journey?

I am your coach if you are a boomer planning for retirement, or early retirement. This is my niche because I understand it well having faced many of these challenges, we single retirees face, including the following:

Fixed/Limited Income
Financial Insecurity for a Comfortable Lifestyle
Poor to Moderate Health Issues
Lack of Motivation, Purpose

My 40+ years’ work experience as a public servant (most recently as a developer, owner, and manager of affordable housing communities), together with my professional background in management consulting, program development, and technical assistance, augmented by my education and professional training, has allowed me to create a vocation where I am uniquely qualified to assist boomers navigate with ease, confidence and grace all issues related to retirement.