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Leslie Randolph

Chicago, Illinois, 60174

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Chicago, Illinois, 60174
United States

About Leslie Randolph

I am Leslie Randolph and I am a certified life coach and the Chief Wisdom Officer at The Coach Chronicles, where I share insights gained and lessons learned from coaching and being an eternal work in progress. 

Since I was a young girl, I wanted to make the world a better place and I am living that dream today as a life coach. I firmly believe that when we are loving ourselves, living intentional lives, and amplifying our gifts then we are all doing our part to change the world. As a life coach, I get to help women and teens do just that. 

Before becoming a life coach, I worked in public relations and helped businesses write and share their stories with the masses. I was a storyteller and a professional cheerleader for my clients which ranged from leading healthcare systems to non-profit organizations to global real estate developers. 

I am still a storyteller and a cheerleader today, but now I am helping humans versus businesses and brands. I am cheering on teens as they find and amplify their own voices. I am helping working women rewrite their story from a theme of imposter syndrome to one of unshakable self-confidence. I am supporting moms who struggle with worry and anxiety. I am empowering women live limitless lives. 

If any of this resonates, please reach out and we can get to work!