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Tami Palmer

Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago, Illinois
United States

About Tami Palmer

I was that girl on my dorm floor who everyone came to for help: from boyfriends to picking majors. In my corporate life I frequently mentored junior staff and advised peers (and managers above me), on how to communicate better, lead authentically, be empathetic towards others and stay in line with their sense of integrity. 

Helping clients make intentional career decisions, steering them away from shiny objects and mapping their career brings me deep joy. As a former recruiter, I’m well equipped to help with all the logistics of a job search process from resume writing, to auditing LinkedIn profiles, to prepping for interviews and coaching through salary negotiation conversations.

My boundless creative thinking and unique insights show up in all aspects of my work and being deeply connected to my intuition, I bring a laser focus to shining a light on people’s innate career paths.

I am deeply passionate about the way we communicate, be that in an interview or dialogue in a novel. “Conversations are the relationship,” so says Susan Scott in her book Fierce Conversations. Leveraging my writing background, I excel at helping people craft and own their stories and am obsessed with finessing the heck out of emails to carry the right punch. Speaking of writing, I’ve authored two novels: Finding Lancelot and Missing Tyler and a short story collection called Truncated. 

Under my brand Soul Alignment Retreats and Coaching, I offer retreats and workshops for women. Retreats blend yoga, meditation, breathwork, writing sound healing, self-reflection, creative expression and play!