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Meet Coach Nearby Kristia Hord in Freeport IL

Kristia Hord

Freeport, Illinois

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Freeport, Illinois
United States

About Kristia Hord

I've dedicated over 20 years in the Fitness Industry from group fitness training to personal and business development growing teams across the nation to work towards solving a need in overall health and wellness. 

The Fit Life Leaders Project encompasses the most comprehensive solution transforming lives Physically, Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Financially through a Personal Development system which has helped me and over 400,000 others in this business to date! 

Horizon Legacy is my team of individuals bonded by their passion to help others live their best life by lighting the way through their own examples. 

I'm currently looking for self-driven people to lock arms with that love helping others and have a passion for fitness. 

Aligning myself with people on a mission to solve a need in the community and work towards improving lives while setting a positive example for future generations is my ultimate goal.