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Becca Hopson

Indianapolis, Indiana

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Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

About Becca Hopson

Consultant & Coach

Becca Hopson is a consultant and coach. Areas of focus are business strategies, change management, change leadership, process expert - moving from ideation to action, inclusive leadership, diversity, inclusion, mindset, confidence, negotiation skills, boundaries and wellness, and a fierce advocate for fostering women as leaders. As an expert in process, management, and seeing possibility, Becca offers consulting in inclusive leadership, courageous conversations, connection as a management and mentorship tool that creates effective work conditions and cultures. If its leadership, lifestyle, or mindset Becca brings radically simple, creative, and thoughtful solutions to spaces and businesses.

Becca wholeheartedly believes to be a leader, you must nourish yourself first to then be able to serve the world. Especially, because the social and environmental programming are the biggest hurdles that we must rewrite.