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David Cunningham

Indianapolis, Indiana, 46205

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Indianapolis, Indiana, 46205
United States

About David Cunningham

My clients are spiritual seekers but feel disconnected from God and possibly from those close to them. They often suffer from a low grade depression which can lead them to seek some kind of relief in food, alcohol, relationship, and work. They stay up at night thinking that there has to be more to life than this... fearful that they aren't good enough to have what they desire: a loving marriage, happy children, a successful career, and a positive impact on the world.

Through utilizing Nuero linguistic programing in a unique and powerful way, I take clients on spiritual journeys where they uncover their deepest truths, free themselves from the bondage of old programming, and experience the power and healing of real conversation and connection with God. My clients move from being the victim of their circumstances to creators of their lives, feeling powerful and capable of achieving the life that has always been their soul's desire.

I am a spiritual counselor, healer and an ICF trained coach with over 125 hours of training from a Master Certified Coach. My spiritual journey began 21 years ago when I got sober from drugs and alcohol. Through 12 step programs, therapy, and finally coaching I began to heal the trauma left by a childhood that was marked with serious abuse, neglect and abandonment from my immediate family. Since then my passion has been to help others heal, grow and become who God created them to be. Professionally, I worked for 18 years as a professor and was known for my holistic approach to teaching; helping student's overcome the obstacles that prevented them from achieving their dreams.

I am a firm believer in miracles. I am one. I have witnessed many and facilitated many more still. I know what the power of a highly skilled coach, an honest and willing client, and the God of the Universe can achieve.