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Sarah Foster

Indianapolis, Indiana

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Contact Information

Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

About Sarah Foster

I have always loved people.

It fills me with joy to hear their stories, what they care about it, & what they've overcome. My gift is to connect with others & build relationships. I am driven to help people, their potential, their strengths, their value, & to empower them to step into their truth, whatever that is.

My leadership philosophy centers on authenticity, integrity, humor, & fun to build meaningful relationships that empower people to break down barriers, claim their space, and live UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

Have you ever considered what would happen if you said the thing you stopped yourself from saying?

Let's grab coffee & tell me about it.

Change doesn't have to be scary. I will listen from my heart & you will tell me what weighs on yours. From there we will explore what is true & what you desire, we will create realistic action steps featuring your unique talents & gifts, that will inspire you to do the things you fear & overcome adversity.

Is this you? Let's grab that coffee.