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Angela Pugh

Overland Park, 66212

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Overland Park, 66212

About Angela Pugh

As a recovering alcoholic, I had to learn to make huge changes in my self, and my life. Most people will face adversity in life, some big, some smaller- but we will all stand at a fork in the road where we have to decide to commit to change and improve our circumstances, or settle. Life is challenging, no one would disagree with that. When I am on top of my game, self-aware, and clear on the outcome I want, my path is much easier.

When I work with people we are working together. We are our own army, and when we connect and work as a team our successes are easier, faster, and we appreciate it more. Human beings are meant to connect, it is what we thrive on. Life improvement shouldn't be any different. Strength in numbers, two minds are better than one, a fresh set of eyes... all of those cliches are absolutely true.

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