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Sarah Lawrence

Wichita, 67206

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Wichita, 67206

About Sarah Lawrence

Do you ever wonder where all of your energy goes even though you are sensitive and intuitive? Do you feel tired and drained sometimes and wonder if someone is hijacking your energy? Through the consciousness stream of the Akashic Records, learn how to call your chi back, create a strong internal framework and become the energetic master that you know you really are. Reconnect with better ways to use your sensitivity and intuition.

Sarah offers Intuitive Coaching from the perspective of the Akashic Records, which is the data stream of your many lives as a reincarnating Soul. Find out if unfinished business in Past Lives is blocking your performance, how you can clear your energy field of restrictions and old programs that are holding you back, and learn to make better decisions by engaging your intuition and reading the future.

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