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Suzanna Mathews

Wichita, 67208

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Wichita, 67208

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When my clients reach out to me, they are disappointed in online dating AND off-line social opportunities (or lack of). They're crunched on time and often lonely. They crave social connection and a happy, healthy relationship, but they aren't sure
1. Where to go and what to do to meet new people
2. How to overcome introversion and open a conversation
3. How to send and/or interpret flirting cues
4. What they want in a significant other and what they have to offer
5. What men/women want and how to meet those needs, and
6. How to manage expectations.
Those are among the many dating & relationship problems we fix. With a combined 53 years' experience, hundreds of "closed cases," and a photo gallery of beautiful marriages and relationships, we help you establish
A. a social strategy,
B. a dating-and-mating mindset, and
C. a process that will help you be more visible (online and in real life) and magnetize someone wonderful
...while honoring your need for security and accountability.
Additionally, we provide just-in-time advice and support, all day/every day, via text and email. We look forward to helping you elevate your dating experience, no matter the age or life stage you're in!