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Patrick Hill

London, England

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Contact Information

London, England
United Kingdom

About Patrick Hill

My passion is your well-being and growth.

I am an expert at building high-quality relationships based on mutual respect, equality and trust. 

I coach people in and through times of change, challenge or high stress.

My mission: 

-To support leaders’ and managers’ wellbeing and growth in times of change, challenge or high stress.

-To support individuals to live fully in and through the stressful, painful and challenging times of life.

Whether your challenge comes from changes or stress at work, a change in position or career, or other personally stressful times, you do not have to navigate that journey alone. 

I encourage you to get all the support you need to maximise your well-being and growth as much as you can, in and through these challenging times of change.

It would be my honour and privilege to work with you as you think, act and feel your way forward.

Together we are stronger. Together we can begin Thinking Beyond Now.

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