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Jessie Graham

Georgetown, Maine

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Contact Information

Georgetown, Maine
United States

About Jessie Graham

Jessie is a Certified Master Coach and Consultant serving organizations seeking growth and Change as well as addressing challenges in communication, social emotional learning and wellbeing.

 Jessie co-creates change with individuals and teams regarding specific issues or system challenges. She partners with individuals or teams; Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Organizations that want to pursue new goals and enhance employee engagement and retention. Jessie has experience in a leadership role of a state association and has been aboard president for a Non Profit. Her professional experience includes 30 years of supporting children and their families in developing communication skills as a Speech Language Pathologist.

Jessie is passionate about supporting and co-creating positive growth and development and connections within communities. She efficiently and effectively supports the personal and professional growth of others as well as increase self-awareness and self-care skills. Her focus is to mindfully integrate services into each individuals’ life and within each system.

Engagement happens when connections are made. Resilience is cultivated through engaged relationships.

Jessie coaches individuals and teams that have or want to develop a growth mindset.

As a Speech Language Pathologist and someone who has embarked on her own personal development journey with a focus on mindfulness and neurolinguistic programming, she has developed the emotional intelligence to recognize opportunities for growth and relationship building. Her clients focus on goals that are reasonable and achievable, evaluating progress and making informed decisions every step of the way.