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Meet Coach Nearby Louise Neil in Winnipeg MB

Louise Neil

Winnipeg, R3T 0G7

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Winnipeg, R3T 0G7

About Louise Neil

International Coaching Federation certified career engagement, leadership and life coach running a small business in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada called Pivoting Point Career Solutions, solely dedicated to helping folks find purpose and joy in the work they do.

With over 20 years working in product and project management, Louise knows the struggle and has crafted the art of the career pivot. Through applying her real-life experience and coach training, clients who work with her come away with an understanding of the habits and stories which undermine their confidence and hold them back from being their best selves.

If you find yourself wanting to

· Build your confidence and the ability to fully express your thoughts and ideas.
· Develop resilience when adapting to changing priorities and getting the most out of you or your team
· Master effective communication and giving/receiving constructive feedback
· Increase your emotional regulation and certainty.
· Manage your time and energy to focus on the impactful things that move your career forward

She is a master at engaging the leader in a supportive framework explicitly designed for the individual.

Client Success Story
Chad is a nurse. He has a pattern of staying well past his mastery of a position and stagnating his growth rather than being purposeful in his approach to career advancement. So why wasn’t he plugged in and engaged? With his coach, Chad discovered how values guided him and uncovered what he found energizing and was then able to communicate those desires to leadership. Identifying what he was missing allowed him to discover his next steps in his career path.