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Patty Bojczuk

Maple Ridge

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Maple Ridge

About Patty Bojczuk

My greatest passion in all I do is to bring others to the threshold of their own innate wisdom,truth,and inner richness.No matter what life has thrown your way,nothing has ever been able to extinguish your inherent goodness.

I am an Agent for positive long lasting life changes,working with each client's own model of their world,not mine! 

I am self-proclaimed joy detective choosing to find the good in any situation!

My expertise in Hypnotherapy, Counseling, NLP,Meditation Training,Stress Management,and Spiritual Development,offer each client unique resources to draw from in creating a personalized plan for living in their highest quality of life!

My personal history of overcoming tremendous negative life experiences is a testimony to each client I serve,that no matter what is presently occurring in your life,believe me; you can overcome it,take control of it and live a much happier life beyond it!

Every support tool and strategy I share with my clients and students, I have personally applied to my own life,and have experienced the transformational power they offer first hand! I walk my talk!

I am outcome focused and engage regularly with individual clients,corporations,and groups with common goals to create the most positive,productive, and prosperous outcomes they desire in easy,quick and effective ways!

I was once the Martyr Queen of the People-Pleasers and now boldly support others to live in THEIR most authentic quality of life, not someone else's version! 

I am a compassionate champion for consciously and joyfully, re-connecting others to their true self-worth,self-esteem,self-respect and self-love as their most valuable assets for positive life transformations!