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Dan Amzallag

Baltimore, Maryland, MD

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Baltimore, Maryland, MD
United States

About Dan Amzallag

Doctorate degree holder with specialization in Organizational leadership and communication with a minor in quantum physics, my passion relies on helping people in need or support and assistance. Working as a therapist has always been a calling for me, and understanding others with their problems always been my forte.
I can feel people's pain and sadness. I understand how my presence can make a difference in someone's life. My love for learning is indisputable, and I constantly search for answers when asked for. I never accept things just for the heck of it, I am very curious in nature and I always seek the truth. I work endlessly until I can find an answer to a difficult problem.

I will constantly pursue this goal as it has become my ultimate search for happiness.

Life is to be lived fully, and NOT partially. There is no reason why we can't really take advantage of our time here on earth and it is important to work on ourselves, daily if needed. With all the challenges we face every day, it can become difficult to prioritize our mental health over paying our bills. We forget what our priority is and we lose sight over what's really crucial for our well being. It is ONLY when we lose it, that we start realizing how much we miss it. Always be grateful for what you already have and thank God every day for your blessings, even though they do not feel like such. There is a lot worst out there, so never allow the feeling of entitlement sinking into your mind and subconscious. This will be the beginning of the end. Never allow yourself to get to that point.

So are you looking for a life coach? Lifecoachdanamzallag is easy to find everywhere on the web. Check me out so i can provide you with the help you need to get your life back on track. Hope to hear from you soon.