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Meet Coach Nearby Jennifer Fentress in Baltimore MD

Jennifer Fentress

Baltimore, Maryland

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Contact Information

Baltimore, Maryland
United States

About Jennifer Fentress

I came into this world a deep listener, a deep feeler, a deep thinker. I love to learn and I love to grow. I am thoughtful and intuitive, passionate and funny. I am awed by the healing power of connection. I’m also a bit of a rebel.

Above all, I am passionate about increasing wellness and healing in myself and in the world and have spent my life—sometimes by accident and sometimes by choice—building my knowledge and experience in support of this passion.

Coaching with me will be challenging, expansive, fun, deep, surprising, and energizing.

At Jennifer Fentress Coaching LLC, I provide a respite for you outside the hubbub of the status quo to deepen your awareness and appreciation of who you are at your core: your values, your gifts, your challenges, your very real possibilities. Using powerful coaching tools and cutting-edge neuroscience, we work together to bring these possibilities to life through concrete practices that are designed to integrate into your daily life more of your personal power—your unique strength and wisdom—in service of the impact you long to create in the world.