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Meet Coach Nearby Stacey Andon in Bel Air MD

Stacey Andon

Bel Air, Maryland

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Bel Air, Maryland
United States

About Stacey Andon

I'm a coach who blends the magic of energy work with the practicality of being human– I call it Everyday Enchantment. I work with people like you— smart, intuitive & joyful who at some point believed that the world’s right way was better than the way that naturally felt good. You got to a place where this ‘right way’ never felt as free and incredible as you thought it would. I bet you even downplayed your healing gifts and soul nudges because you questioned whether they could really create the life you desired. 

You long for freedom, fun, ease– or more of it.

My hunch is that you’ve known some pain along the way. It probably cracked you open in ways that made you feel alive for the first time in a very long time after you walked through the messy parts of it.

You’ve learned life is not about fixing yourself or solving every problem the mind throws your way.

Instead you are curious about growing your gifts through play, joy, inspiration.

I am an expert at supporting clients create a new way forward with their gifts and desires leading the way. They wake up in love with the life they have– not the one they wished they had. It leads to magical synchroncities like dream jobs, loving relationships, the flow of abundance, radiant health and a life I call the “OH HELL YES” life.

When you work with me— I will teach you everything I know so that you learn how to make your own magic, on your own path. Magic that will feel like you won the life lottery-— success through all your favorite gifts and energies. This is the evolution of this planet we are all here to lead — but I have a feeling you already knew that.