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Meet Coach Nearby Alisha Broadus in Bowie MD

Alisha Broadus

Bowie, Maryland, 20717

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Contact Information

Bowie, Maryland, 20717
United States

About Alisha Broadus

My background starts with education and having a BA in psychology. While my goal is to help you with moving forward the psychological education can also help in getting you to accomplish your goals. I also have 15 years mental health mentoring and coaching of all ages. My personal background as a professional woman who is a mom and had to balance it all, is utilized to help you as well.

Are you in a career and ready to transition?
Do you have or want to start a business?
Are you a mom or a caregiver needing work-life balance ?

If you answered yes to 1 or more of those questions then you are my ideal client and I’m ready to help empower what’s already within to achieve the goals for the life you deserve.