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Jenna Rykiel

Columbia, Maryland, 21044

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Columbia, Maryland, 21044
United States

About Jenna Rykiel

Do you wish you had better work-life balance? Do you feel that there is more work to do each day than you are able to complete? Leaders are being asked to do more with less, now more than ever, and the stress of supporting employees while answering to upper management has left middle managers feeling drained of physical & emotional energy.

My clients are the nearly 60% of leaders who have reported feeling used up at the end of the workday. My clients are middle managers who feel they haven't been as effective as a leader because of the increased demands & responsibilities.

My clients are leaders who;

➜ want to be more effective leaders & humans by effectively balancing their work & personal life
➜ want to feel in control of their schedule
➜ are tired of waiting for company culture to change
➜ want to feel that they aren't letting their teams or families down

Managers are under an incredible amount of stress & pressure. It can often feel impossible to please everyone and the demands of the role can leave you pouring from an empty cup. This can lead to feelings of cynicism & negativity. It can feel helpless knowing that corporations are unlikely or incredibly slow to change.

What if I told you that you had more control over your burnout than you think?

I coach managers to remedy burnout & exhaustion so they can be more present & effective leaders. I have a passion for supporting people to take care of themselves so they can perform at their full potential, both professionally & personally. I have 10+ years of experience working within public, fast-paced corporations & know firsthand the expectations of middle managers. My program combines expertise in business & mental health to help managers relieve themselves from a seemingly endless cycle of exhaustion.

You can't pour from an empty cup- find out how you can take control & become a better leader (& human).

I offer a free 20-minute discovery session, give me a call today to get started.