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Denise Rollins

Frederick, Maryland, 21701

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Frederick, Maryland, 21701
United States

About Denise Rollins

Dr. Denise's passion for coaching was shaped by both her professional and personal experiences. Her education includes a PhD in Marriage & Family Therapy and a Masters in Thanatology, an area of psychology that specializes in grief. Dr. Denise's career includes work over the last 6 years developing a self-coaching model that has transformed countless lives. She also has 20+ years in corporate America in roles such as training, human resources, diversity, and sales. Her personal life includes giving birth to 4 sons, widowhood, remarriage, making a dramatic career change, owning a business, and being very involved in her community. These experiences and accomplishments have made her sensitive to the unique balancing act that numerous women are faced with as they manage the many roles they play and the multiple expectations placed upon them.

Dr. Denise has become a master at listening with her whole heart, asking questions in ways that inspire thought and dialogue, creating safe spaces for clients to share their struggles and dreams, and walking alongside others as they uncover challenges they may not have been able to articulate previously. She helps clients identify strategies and solutions that activate positive change within and around them. In developing a self-coaching model that prepares clients to no longer need her services, Dr. Denise speaks with authority because she uses the model herself in all types of situations. From everyday challenges to extraordinary life events, it has helped her and others to operate more effectively and to overcome life's curveballs. She loves the work that she does and the people she is able to help. In working with Dr. Denise, you will embark on a journey to live wholeheartedly and develop skills that will benefit you both professionally and personally. Talk to Denise to see if her coaching will be a good fit for you and, if so, when you can begin this transformative journey. She can't wait to meet you!