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Alison Anne

Rockville, 20850

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Rockville, 20850

About Alison Anne

Alison came to coaching through her years of experience in the food service industry. What started as an after-school job in high school developed into a 17-year career, from bussing tables at a family-owned Italian restaurant in her hometown to a position as the Communications and Events Director of Washington DC's #1 sports bar.

Through her work, she has met thousands of amazing, unique people who all have one thing in common - they joined the ranks of the service industry because of its freedom and flexibility only to find themselves stuck in a daily grind they couldn't escape.

With a heart for finding the joy that is so possible in the industry, Alison undertook training with Accomplishment Coaching and created Monster Shift, a coaching program specifically designed to cater to food service employees who want to make big changes in their lives (pun absolutely intended). From there, she grew her business to include any industry rockstars who feel like their job is running the show, when they know that their real endgame is to use everything that their job offers on their OWN behalf to further their own well-being, work/life balance, and personal and career goals.

From restaurant management teams seeking higher revenue (and higher salaries!) to bartenders who want to avoid burnout to lawyers who want to... well, avoid burnout, Alison is passionate about working with you to move from the life that you think you can have to the life that you truly WANT. It's yours for the taking!