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Meghan Lucas

Silver Spring, 20910

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Silver Spring, 20910

About Meghan Lucas

Meghan Lucas is a life and leadership coach, writer, and speaker who believes everyone has the power within themselves to create the life they truly desire.

Meghan’s journey in coaching started with her hiring a coach – in what she considers Hail-Mary fashion – to support her through an intense season of transition. The shifts she made in one year alone, including moving to a new city, starting a new career, and getting out of debt to name a few(!), inspired her to celebrate the only way she knew how: by paying it forward and becoming a coach herself.

Meghan also has a passion for fostering community by creating a safe space for women to put their messy selves on loudspeakers. She hosts many events that bring women together to see and be seen in ways beyond the usual surface-level small talk. She stands by the belief that “our true strength shines brightest in the moments we feel most weak, afraid, and imperfect,” a concept she shares about frequently on her blog (www.dearstongwoman.com/blog) as well as on her social media platforms and in her recent book, You Make The Rules.

Meghan resides in Silver Spring, MD with her loving partner, Brandon, and their baby boy, Desmond. She is most content curled up on the couch with a hot mug of coffee and her family, including her dogs, Muzz and Juno.